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    High run: long time coming

    Hello denizens of 14.1, I haven't popped by in a long time, mostly having been on the move a lot in the past few years, due to work and other things. At one point, I was living in a northerly community with nowhere to play, so I didn't even open a case for...
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    Rocket 147 @ Snooker Legends 2012

    Textbook break building, with a fantastic black to start things off. Link:
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    Custom Jim Baxter JPs - Radial pin

    Custom Jim Baxter JPs - Radial pin SOLD I ordered a custom set of JPs from Jim, thinking my cue had a radial pin. Turns out, it's a copy of a radial, but not quite the same, so here they are for sale. Jim's work speaks for itself, and I've used his picture here. I'd like $40, shipped...
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    Maximizing your table time?

    I'm more of a lurker on AZB in general, but I spend a significant portion of that lurking time here, among the good folks;) I'm primarily a snooker player, and focused on that game for many years. I became interested in 14.1 a year or so ago, and have made it my pool focus. Trouble is, I'm...
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    Received cue from Bebot Bautista

    I just wanted to let those who may be interested know that I recently received a cue from Mervin and Bebot Bautista, as compensation for the one I ordered through Les Lacson (The General) about 15 months ago. Mervin and his father are trying to right the whole Lacson mess, and while the cue I...
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    14.1 instructional books?

    I don't get out to play much of any kind of pool these days, but when I do (such as last night, and unless there is a snooker table), I'm only interested in 14.1. Most immediate problem: I can pocket balls, but my 'patterns' look more like Rorschach blotches. I find myself moving the cue ball...
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    OB Sneaky

    These look like a lot of cue for the $. Anyone playing one? Thoughts?
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    New to 14.1

    Hi gang, I'm new to 14.1, and AzBilliards, for that matter. I've been on a pool hiatus for a number of years and recently have made time to get back on a table. I mostly play snooker, but a few weeks ago I decided to have a go at some 14.1 and have really been enjoying it. My...