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    For Sale : New Southwest Satin Cue 2020

    Offered for sale is a Brand New 2020 Southwest Satin Cue. $2700 obo. Comes with LOA, purchase receipt. Cue will be sent to you in original shipping box from Southwest. Cash sale or possible trade up for Southwest cue only. Please send me a pm if you are interested.
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    Tip trade or buy (Talisman)

    I'm looking to try a few different tips. I am open to trade some of what I have for the ones I want to try, add cash on my end, or straight buy them. What I want to try one or two of the following: Talisman Trinity Medium Talisman Trinity Hard Talisman Water Buffalo Medium Talisman Medium I...
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    Hearns' Widowmaker #95 60" cue 16 point

    please delete this thread
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    Widowmaker cues w/ extension

    Back in the 90s when Bert was selling Hearn's Widowmakers, he had quite a few with the extensions built into the butt of the cues. I never got around to buying one that had it but always meant to grab one. I contacted Bert a few months ago to see if he knew where one could be found and he did...
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    when to refinish...

    I have a question for cue makers regarding humidity and refinishing. I have a cue in desperate need of refinishing. I currently live in the humid Midwest, but will soon be moving to arid Arizona. I know the lack of humidity causes warpage on occasion, to cues from more humid locations. Should I...
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    8 foot table advice

    I searched briefly but I must not be using the best keywords for the job. Every thread seems to pop up when I search "8 foot table". My practice table of ten years was an old AMF playmaster 8 footer with buckets. I modified the crap out of it to get it to play more like a real table. Our last...
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    PHJ copied from Mrs Columbo

    Forgive me if this has been brought up before. Anyone ever heard of the old TV drama Mrs. Columbo? Some channel had a bunch of old reruns going this weekend of Hart to Hart so I sat down and watched an episode since I hadn't seen that show in probably close to thirty years. I left the TV on...