Vote: $1000 Wager 3X6 Competition JB Cue Case vs Whitten Cue Case

Which do you like better

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To make a long story short, several gamblers online back in March when quarantine started for Covid got into a argument about JB cue cases vs Whitten. To end the argument we decided to compare both and bet $1000 to for each case. We would then vote and the tie breaker would be on AZ Billiards if needed. It took a long time to get everything but the JB case arrived a few days ago with a video and we need everybody's constructive opinions. This might be like arguing about BMW vs Mercedes but it will very clearly show the difference between both 3 X 6 cases. They both have advantages and personal preferences. The interesting part is seeing what the majority think and who you believe should win the bet. Your help is greatly appreciated in ending this overdue debate. Thank you and be safe. God Bless all of you.
Pictures of both cases up close and any video link is provided.
Whitten Case cost $975 (9 pictures multiple post) - Embossed Black Lizard/Smooth black, Triple Stitched, Metal stud bottom
JB Blue Rose Case cost $1000 (9 pictures post) Strong Saddle Leather, Lifetime Warranty, Rubber Bottom
Both are 3X6
Whitten uses tubes inside.
JB uses a stuffed filler.
The rest I will leave up to the AZ Billiard family to decide based on the information and pictures.
Video from JB about the Blue Rose Case can be found on youtube at
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I’m just not a fan of floral look on cases. I think JB makes a better case but I’m not a fan of the flowers. I voted for the Whitten.


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I’m just not a fan of floral look on cases. I think JB makes a better case but I’m not a fan of the flowers. I voted for the Whitten.

Agreed. I really don't think you could go wrong either way. The subtle style of this particular Whitten, vs this particular JB? The Whitten is more my flavor. Kudos to two great case makers. :)


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The rose case has beautiful tooling and color. The Whitten has a quiet class about it. It’s a very tough decision, but I have to vote for the JB based on interior (I don’t care for tubes), warranty (lifetime), and overall artistic interpretation (if they can do this with roses, stems, and leaves, then anything else should be extraordinary).


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JB cases has my vote. You can immediately tell by the attention to the detail put into the case and you cannot go wrong with the lifetime warranty.

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I voted for JB, not because I find John’s case more attractive (I prefer the Whitten from an aesthetics standpoint), but because I never feel as confident putting my cues away as I do when I’m putting them inside my JB cases.