Dufferin Canada cues - pool cue industry in Canada


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A little venting.

Dufferin Canada cues are the cues people in the US praised but never bought (at least originally). Only Canadians bought them because US cues were too expensive for the general crowd and the Chinese cues at the time were so bad. Dufferin Canada would have survived better if they would have updated their cue making to more American style making. They had access to great material but in many ways spoiled it with poor manufacturing and finishing not allowing the wood to stabilize so of course many had the shaft warp on them. It is not surprising that Dufferin declined once the Asia cue making improved with better quality control and American cue making process. We do a search on eBay Canada for Dufferin you find a whole lot of cues all in Canada(no one buying on average). The funny thing is that American's are taking the few good cues that Dufferin produced that survived not warping and are custom converting them like I did with mine. Taking the quality wood they used and properly finish them. Why Dufferin didn't get with it and did it themselves? Stupidity, greed (fast and done)

In a way I find it sad and a waste. This should be a lesson to the Canadian pool industry if any still exist. We had Dufferin, Gone. We had Falcon, gone.

Let hope the custom guys( the very few we have) can take over the slack and produce good reasonably priced cues that Canadians will buy. If they actual service the Canadian market, which is some way I don't blame them to go toward the American and Europeans(I'm talking to you Layani). Canada has undervalued our dollars for years which help the big money industries but screwed over everybody that makes a living in Canada. Your dollar is as good as what you can buy with it. Your dollar is worth less; you make less and don't anybody tell you differently.
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