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  1. Bob Jewett

    WST current schedule 2020-2021

    Here's the current schedule through the next Crucible. See for more details. It appears that the Champion of Champions will be available on but not the various Opens.
  2. Bob Jewett

    The Demise of East High Billiard Club

    I was looking through my old NBNs and noticed this article. East High Billiard Club in Springfield, Ohio (not Illinois or Pennsylvania) was the room where Willie Mosconi ran his record 526 in 1954. The original owner of this copy of the National Billiard News is also remarkable.
  3. Bob Jewett

    Artistic Billiards

    A few years back I wrote a booklet giving some details about the discipline of Artistic Billiards. It is a formal, organized and continuing competition based on fancy/difficult/beautiful carom shots. Some of them are straight-rail shots for anyone here who prefers those to shots requiring...
  4. Bob Jewett

    Play the table or the opponent?

    Recently there were some comments in the turning point thread about playing your opponent, which I take to mean consider his skills, weaknesses and faults, and be sure to put him in a position where he will not be able to exercise his skills and his faults are likely to show up. The contrary...
  5. Bob Jewett

    WWYD -- 9 ball total trap

    This is a position from the 2019 Mosconi Cup. This is a safety left by Filler. With the 1 and 9 where they are, giving up ball in hand is a loss. In the actual match, there was enough room to play the cue ball between the 3 and the 8 to hit the 1 ball, which Shane did. Suppose the cue ball is...
  6. Bob Jewett

    Pool & Billiard Magazine, 1988-2011 complete

    This is 24 complete years of Pool & Billiard Magazine, 1988 through 2011 for a total of 286 issues. (Two years had only 11 issues.) These are in very good to like new condition. Pictures available on request. $1200 includes shipping. Some single years and/or single issues are also available...
  7. Bob Jewett

    Eddie Robin's one pocket books, some damage

    Winning One Pocket by Eddie Robin. Pictures on request. $270 Price including shipping: It's a first edition of Winning One Pocket. It is in pretty good condition, but has a couple of no-no's for a book collector: The corrections to typos that the first edition had (due to a character-set...
  8. Bob Jewett

    The PPBPAA -- the players strike again

    Under the heading of the more things change, the more they stay the same, here is an item I noticed in Ursitti's records of pro pool. Anyone want to guess what year this was?
  9. Bob Jewett

    Free snooker stream next 12 days

    Championship League Snooker is in progress and streaming for free on You have to give them your email, but there's no cost and I've never received spam from them. Play starts as 6AM EDT or 3AM PDT.
  10. Bob Jewett

    2020 Championship League Snooker

    This is in progress. It is available for free on It begins tomorrow at, heaven help us, 3AM California time. Here's the League website:
  11. Bob Jewett

    A list of Willie Mosconi's World Championships

    In case anyone here missed it, I've posted a list of Mosconi's 19 world championships including when, where, who and what format. It's in the pool history forum. Here it is: He won a lot of the long matches by about a 2:1 margin.
  12. Bob Jewett

    Willie Mosconi's World Championships

    Since I don't have much else to do during the pandemic, I extracted Mosconi's World Championship winning performances from Charlie Ursitti's records. This starts from the first one he won in 1941. Note that in 1933 he lost by a single ball. From 1941 to 1956 there were some other championships...
  13. Bob Jewett

    Early issues of Pool & Billiard Mag. wanted

    I'll pay $25/issue for the following issues of Pool & Billiard Magazine, plus shipping. Alternatively, I have lots of other issues to trade. 1983 -- Sep, Oct, Dec 1984 -- Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr PM or
  14. Bob Jewett

    Early National Billiard News wanted -- 1963-1966

    If you have issues from the first four years, I would like to buy them or trade for later issues. I'll pay up to $20/issue depending on condition.
  15. Bob Jewett

    Billiards Digest 1980-1988

    I have the following full years of Billiards Digest available. At that time they had six issues per year. $70/year plus shipping. If you buy multiple years there is a 15% discount. I also have some individual issues available. PM or email: 1980 1981 1983 1985 1986 1987...
  16. Bob Jewett

    Billiards Digest, 1978-1979, first 8 issues

    Sold. These are no longer available as a complete set but I do have some other copies of some of the issues available. The first eight issues of Billiards Digest beginning with Volume 1, Number 1 (Jim Rempe). At that time they only published every two months. These copies are in good condition...
  17. Bob Jewett

    testing image deletion

    testing if I can delete an image...
  18. Bob Jewett

    The Greatest Frame of Snooker?

    If you have a chance, watch the final frame (rack) of the Wilson-McGill match in the semi-finals of the current World Snooker Championship. They were hill-hill, or as they would say "in the decider" of a 33-frame match and tied at 16-16. The loser will get $130,000, which I think is the largest...
  19. Bob Jewett

    American Billiard Review magazine

    American Billiard Review was published on the East Coast from about 1970 to 1977. I have some extra copies of about 20 issues during that time. They are large-format like newspapers, about 11x17. Here is an example. $10 each plus shipping. I would also like to get some copies that I'm...
  20. Bob Jewett

    Easy way to measure an angle in degrees

    In case you want to measure an angle for any reason and happen to have a cue stick in your hand.... A one-degree angle has a spread of one inch in 57 inches. If you place your tip at the center of the ghost ball and pivot around it from the line to the pocket to the line of the shot (over the...