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    Damn the 'Rona! Full (pool) speed ahead!!

    My friend who 3 years ago opened the nicest pool room in Chicago ("Surge" in the Albany Park neighborhood, his second) will open his third room day after tomorrow. It will also be called Surge and is located in the Logan Square neighborhood a couple miles south (toward downtown) from the...
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    New Thread

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    Venn Diagram of Pool Ball Colors

    Pool Ball Colors Logic Primary colors (no mixing): 1/9, 2/10, 3/11 Secondary colors (2 primaries mixed): 4/12, 5/13, 6/14 Tertiary color (secondary & primary mixed): 7/15 No color (black): 8 All colors (white): cue ball pj <- I know you were wondering chgo P.S. The maroon color of the 7...
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    Black DarkRed Red Magenta Pink Sienna DarkOrange SandyBrown Orange Wheat DarkOliveGreen Olive YellowGreen Yellow LemonChiffon DarkGreen Green SeaGreen Lime PaleGreen DarkSlateBlue Teal MediumTurquoise Cyan PaleTurquoise Navy Blue RoyalBlue DeepSkyBlue LightBlue Indigo SlateGray Purple DarkOrchid...
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    Invisible Color

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    Confidence and the Unconscious

    Unraveling the Potential of the Unconscious Mind - Neuroscience News “These striking results illustrate the incredible power of the nonconscious mind and how important our feeling of confidence may be“ Are your shots more successful when you’re confident about them? When I’m feeling confident...
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    Contact Point Offset Aiming

    If you're lucky enough to easily visualize the OB Contact Point, then you have the most direct aiming reference for any shot, automatically adjusted to the needed cut angle. My ultra-simple way of using it is to just notice how far my tip is pointed from it (the Contact Point Offset) for each...
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    The Birth of Pool

    It wasn't exactly like they say in the history books... pj <- for instance, it was caesarian chgo
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    Finding posts addressed to me

    Ever wanted to find just the posts that are addressed to you? Here's the way I've found to do it: - Advanced Search - User Name = [leave blank] - Keyword(s) = "QUOTE=Patrick Johnson" (in quotation marks) - Search Entire Posts (not Titles Only) - see individual Posts (not Threads) Works great...
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    Quick Facebook Question

    Sorry for the off topic post... I've been seeing this symbol () a lot in Facebook posts lately - usually at the end of a sentence. Anybody know what it is? Thanks, pj chgo
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    Get On the Plane

    When your game starts to meander, what do you say to yourself to get it back on track? My meandering is usually about something I know but tend to forget - and my advice to myself usually sounds like "Hey, Dumbfvck, you forgot to ______ again." Lots of the most important little things that...
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    Build Your Own Quarantine Pool Table

    Looks legitish... pj chgo (click the pic to see the article)
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    GoFundMe for Chicago Poolhall Employees

    If you're a Chicago pool player (or just an allaround great person), I'd appreciate you considering a few bucks to help out the poor hourly employees temporarily laid off from my two favorite Chicago pool halls... Thanks (from me and all of them), pj chgo Click the pics.
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    No pool & alcohol?

    Bars & restaurants closed in Illinois for the rest of March. I think that includes pool halls that serve alcohol. :( pj chgo