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    Lasers and Training for a Perfect Stroke - Duplicate

    I posted this video in the main forum but didn't get a single reply about the subject matter. I guess everybody in the main forum already has a perfect stroke! :wink: I'm reposting here with the idea that people wanting to improve their play might come here more looking for help: Here is the...
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    Lasers and Training for a Perfect Stroke

    I found an neat way to give feed back on when your stroke is truly lined up at center ball (not as hard as everybody says, IMO) and when your stroke is on line throughout the stroke. I know, some people say you don't need a perfectly straight stroke as long as it is perfect at contact. I call...
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    Posting Photos

    Used to be I could upload a photo without worrying about the file size. It seemed like AZ would trim it as needed. More recently files won't upload unless they are first reduced tremendously in size. Did something change here or is it me?
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    Any reference points for 2 rail position

    I am trying to refine my position play on two rail position shots, both going into the rail with inside/follow (coming around the same pocket as the ob went into) as well as outside/draw (coming around the corner pocket across from where the ob went). Do any of you know a good rule of thumb for...
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    June 7, 2020

    A day to be heralded by all in the aiming forum. I'll leave it up to others to think about the significance of that day.
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    Instructor Certification?

    I wanted to post this because of Fran saying that she put in the blood, sweat and tears to get to where she is. That rang true to me because I know there are certain things in my game that nobody can teach me. You just have to put in the time to know certain things. I don't know anything...
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    Low D shafts vs shaft pivot point

    Can someone "unconfuse" me? I recall reading years ago how people with low deflection shafts had a pivot point back where their grip is so they used front hand english. Now I'm reading that the newest low D shafts (Revo?) have pivot points around 12 or 13 inches, where the bridge hand is...
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    Cookie man is OK in my book

    Just found out that cookie man makes Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies. Those are my one real food vice. I eat them practically by the box. I take back any negative thing I ever said about you, cookie man! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
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    Aiming Forum Succumbs to Snowflakes?

    Perfectly fine threads have been removed and also closed. It's a shame because this sub forum was on shaky ground to begin with and this kind of thing discourages new ideas from being brought up. Seems like everybody has forgotten the reason this forum was created. It was to remove the...
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    Here are some adults discussing aiming

    Here's what it looks like when some adults discuss aiming. Most of the comments are before the one below. I particularly liked Crane's aiming system so I copied that particular post here.
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    The Hal Houle Post

    Tate posted the HH discussion of his CTE system in the main forum. I've reproduced it here with a different purpose from his, and it does have to do with aiming. I've put some of the text in bold and red, to be explained below: There are only 3 angles for any shot, on any size table. This...
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    Book Finally Coming?

    Found this post on facebook from a guy named Bob Nunley: I had a great conversation with Stan Shuffett yesterday! His new book on CTE Pro One is getting close to being finished. When this comes out, it will be a GOLDMINE of aiming information. As Stan says, this is the "FINAL CHAPTER" in CTE...
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    Poolology Question

    Brian, I've been using the half ball hit for straight pool break shots to see how that goes after Poolmanis recommended it. How big is the "no go" zone at the foot spot where you have to adjust the numbers to a 24 and 12 instead of 20 and 10? Should any straight pool break ball be far enough...
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    Any Good Books Coming Out?

    Christmas is right around the corner. Anybody know of any good instructional books on billiards coming out in time? I already have Mark Wilson's Play Great Pool and Brian Crist's Poolology. Those are the most recent books that have useful concepts in them that I am aware of.
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    Learning to Aim - Child vs Adult

    I always had a pool table in the house. My earliest memory was standing at opposite sides of the table from my brothers. We would wing balls down the table at each other (on the table surface) trying to hit each other's hands. I also recall watching my father play while images from Vietnam...